Somalian sisters and residents of St Pauls.
Somalian Mother Rooda and Daughter Shadiya live in St Paul’s and are fully integrated into the community adding to it’s vibrant cultural tapestry by actively being involved in many community activities
Cousins whose family have 4 generations living in St Paul’s dating back to the now known windrush generation who have always contributed to the community including being involved in the first St Pauls Carnival in 1968
Bristolian Rastafarians who have lived in St Pauls since the 70’s overlooking the many changes and transitions the community has undergone. Close collaborators of the St Pauls community Nwanyi has worked as a nursery and primary teacher while Torkwase has supported individuals through her work as a stem cell coordinator and team leader for the British Bone Marrow Registry. Nwanyi and Torwase now work at Kumba, a community centre at the heart of St Paul's community.
Since their arrival in 1998 Sister Rosina, and Sister Teresa Mary, have worked on a project called Loaves and Fishes a food bank that works to support the residents of St Pauls with the ethos of indescriminent charity. Both have a particular interest in helping the families who are connected to the church as well as the further development of the project that runs solely on donations.

Jewels Of St Pauls is an installation that foregrounds the perspectives of four pairs of female residents. Using the beautiful photography of Khali Ackford as a backdrop the audio companion allows viewers to listen to the voices of each of the contributors as they move between the windows of the physical installation... Put on your head phones and press play.

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